Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Konnyaku Jelly - Finger Food For Cell Meet-Up #1

I have been feeling tired of late and having to think what to take for cell group meet up is a real headache.  My cell group meet up is on Friday after dinner and since it is a working day, it is hard to bring food from home and I prefer to bring desserts for the meet up  :)   And the last few weeks, I have testing out simple cakes which doesn't need much work...simple and healthy and yummy at the same time.  I have been buying outside and taking to cell group , so I tell myself that from now onwards, I will bring food from home :)  A bit troublesome but rest assured , it will be healthy dessert  :)  Konnyaku Jelly is one great dessert for all ages , put into individual paper liner and it give a nice presentation.

Konnyaku Jelly

Have a nice day!

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