Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pandan Flavored Lotus Paste With Salted Egg Yolk Biscuits & Mini Kaya Puffs

Pandan flavored Lotus Paste With Salted Yolk Biscuit

Kathy of Small Kucing came to Ipoh last Wednesday with her family . She invited Claire and myself  to join her family for dinner.  She brought  Lobster to share with us :)  Claire arranged for the restaurant to cook and we had a wonderful time and fellowship with one another. I will be sharing soon on what we had that night on my other blog - Elinluv's Tidbits Corner   meanwhile here are something sweet I bought for her and her family.  She knows Ipoh better than I do when it comes to Ipoh famous food :p   Claire drove me to this famous biscuit shop Sin Eng Heong ( click to learn more about the shop) and I bought these Siu Par Wong  ( screwpine/pandan flavored lotus paste with salted yolk )  biscuits and Mini Kaya Puff for her.  

The Mini Kaya Puffs are the best I have taken so far. They have many other varieties.  All their puffs and biscuits are indiviually made.  During weekends and public holidays, there will be a long queue.  I was lucky Kathy choose a week day to come visit Ipoh :) or I won't be able to get for her the freshly baked biscuits :) 

the underside of the kaya puffs are evenly browned.  Love the crispness of the pastries and the homemade kaya is not overly sweet.  Great for afternoon tea break with a cup of hot tea :)  mmmmm lovely !  

Here is the address of the shop if you are keen to drop by and get some delicious puffs and biscuits for your family and friends. 

No. 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (Jalan Clare)
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone : 05- 2439659, or 012-4534596
Opens daily from 9am – 8pm. Sundays : 9am – 6pm.

Enjoy and have a great  day !

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