Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

I love eating ice cream sandwiched in crackers or buns.  This is truly  nostalgia for me. I remembered when I was young, my grandma used to buy ice cream in a bun for me from the ice cream man almost everyday.  I introduced to my Piggies when they were young to eat their ice cream sandwiched in buns and they love it. Thrilling for them especially when I related the story on how my grandma used to pamper me  with this ice cream in bun when I was young .  A reward for good behaviour when my parents were away at work :p or you can say a bribery LOL!

Since I still have the homemade strawberry ice cream in the freezer, and with my freshly baked wholemeal buns so soft and light, I could not resist , making this for myself.  The weather is hot and the ice cream melts faster than I could chomp them down :p  The most rewarding dessert after a hard day baking away :)  It is good to pamper yourself with a few scoops of this homemade delectable fruitty ices once in a while and it really brings back memories of my grandma and her love for me and my siblings.

love the strawberry refreshing ice cream on my soft and light healthy bun

every mouthful is heavenly if you ask me :)

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Have a nice day !

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