Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whittard - Chelsea 1886 - Turkish Apple Instant Tea

What could be more pleasurable than eating your favourite snack biscuits with a cup of hot Turkish Apple Tea.  I love this flavored instant tea from UK.  Yea, my Piggy Josh gifted this to me , knowing his Momsie loves Apple Tea :)  This tea is so fragrant and taste so good, I don't mind having it once a day.  I fell in love with it with the first sip and boy after which I am addicted to it.   My cousin, Piggy Cuz introduced this tea to me .She went to Turkey for a holiday and bought back a few packs for me.  The one she gave me are in  satchet forms, where else Piggy Josh 's apple tea are in granules form.   They tasted just as good as those infusion type.  Love it and thank you so much Josh for this gift from the heart. I heart it and you melts my heart with it :)

You can dissolve the granules with either hot or cold water.  I prefer my apple tea piping hot....mmmm and snacking on biscuits and cookies while watching the idiot box on weekend.  This is what I love doing on weekends.   After a hard week in office.....this is what I would do....relaxing watching drama and chewing on  cookies and biscuits over a hot cup of apple tea..mmmmm I feel like I am in heaven on earth :p

Have a great weekend !

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