Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 FREE Magazine Subscription Giveaway!!

This Magazine Giveaway is sponsored by Zinio.   

I received an email from Miss Stephanie Roth from Zinio who is willing to sponsor free magazine subscriptions that I can share with my blog readers.  I am excited to be giving away 10 free magazine subscriptions (5 to faithful followers who have been following and giving me encouragement eversince I started this blog in 2010 and another 5 lucky winners will be picked for this giveaway by True Random.Org Number Generator).

If you are not familiar with Zinio, let me give you a brief outline on this online digital magazines and book portal.  They have thousands of top magazines from around the world. You can browse and purchase subscriptions or single issues instantly from your computer or your mobile device to read wherever and whenever you like.  Their explore section allows you to read - even without a subscription - thousand of  articles from your favorite magazines and share them with your friends.  Inspiration at your fingertips with up to extra 50 % your top magazines.

I have  heard so much about Zinio from my Piggy Jo .  She subscribed yearly for their 'Mental Floss ' and she finds them fantastically informative. Light and easy reading.   They have 300 magazine titles available at up to 50% off their already-discounted prices. A few sample titles such as LA CUCINA, ITALIANA, VEGETARIAN TIMES, FOOD ARTS, CLEAN EATING.  You can check out their website to find out more at  for this great offers. 

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS has also put out some fantastic special holiday issues at 30% off.  Food Gifts, Party Food, and even an entire issue devoted to Christmas Cookies :  . With the festive season just around the corner, this would be a great Christmas offer for you and family members.  

If you are keen to participate in this giveaway, please leave me a comment here why you think Zinio is a great digital magazines and book portal and you may stand a chance to be one of the lucky 5.  Please leave me your name and email together with your comment.

Closing date for this Magazine Giveaway is 26th December, 2012.    

Winners will be able to pick the magazine titles of their choice!!

This Giveaway Contest is Closed


  1. Oh, so this is real. LOL.
    I thought it was another scam, hahaha.

  2. Let's try my luck here. See if I am able to get the La Cucina magazine :)

  3. Zinio is great! Their selection is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful giveaway.

  4. Lucky lucky
    Hope I will get it
    Thanks anyway for sharing

    Lim Wui Shiang

  5. Momsie, I've never, ever won anything in my entire life ...Zinio sounds great with such a vast selection of articles.

  6. wow, i just browsed thru their website. I think Zinio is a great digital magazine as it offers a fantastic selection of titles and international magazines, many of which that i'm unable to get if from our local bookstands. On top of that, it even offers discounts and have a free magazine section. This will help me saves a bit of money by going zinio!

    thanks elin for hosting!

    1. Left out my name and email,

  7. This is a topic that is near to my heart... Many thanks!

    Exactly where are your contact details though?
    Feel free to visit my page ; melbourne australia

  8. Zinio is a great digital magazine as it is a one stop knowledge center for the family which allows us worldwide access on the go on our ipads. The explore feature and free mags option are a definite plus factor for going Zinio.

    1. Ooops apologies don't know how my comment ended up in lena's comment. my email is

  9. I hope I can still make it, it's still 26th in US, hehehehe.

    I think Zinio is a great digital magazine because flipping through it is a great experience, it's quick! Doessn't take ages to load, that's good!

  10. wow! free mad subscription! let me try for "Delicious" mag... still 26th December 2012 in US time can count right? please please please... LOL

    - Alan (travellingfoodies)