Monday, December 3, 2012

Boil And Bake Fruit Cake - Revisited

Christmas is just around the corner and time to bake fruit cakes as gifts.   I decided to make things easy and reuse the same recipe which I used for last Xmas -  Boiled Fruit Cake :)  This year , I used spiced rum instead of brandy.  Brandy would be better but since I don't have it at home, and I have a bottle of spiced rum opened, why not use it up for these fruit cakes.  These are perfect gifts for close friends and loved ones :)  I baked them last week and I have been giving them the rum bath once every alternate day and now it is time to give them away before I eat them all :p   I can't afford to give the whole cake to each of them so I cut them into two loaves :p  not stingy just don't have enough energy to make so many.   It is not the size of the cake that counts but the thought counts...right?...a small loaf packed with LOVE and deliciousness !  LOL!

soaked the dried fruits ( I bought the ready packed ones )
 with one cup of spiced rum for a few days so that
the spiced rum are infused into the dried fruits

boil all the ingredients EXCEPT the flour, baking powder and eggs
off heat, cool the mixture, add eggs and flour till
well mixed...add in the toasted nuts  * optional  

baked them till golden brown and cooked
leave them in tin for five mins before
turning over and cool on rack

once it has cool , sprinkle spiced rum all over the fruit cakes 
and wrap them in aluminium foil.  Sprinkle rum over every alternate days
Store in fridge in air-tight container
and leave to mature .  The cake can be kept for a few months
in the fridge.  It will taste better over the days :)

I cut the fruit cake (10"X10")  into half and gift wrapped them 

this cake is packed with fruits and nuts.....and not to mention
the spiced rum gave....mmmmm the intense liqueur fragrant a fruit cake deserves :)


Early Christmas gifts for my friends
and relatives :)
Have a wonderful Christmas baking to all.................

recipe for the Boil And Bake Fruit Cake

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  1. I still have half a piece of fruitcake in the fridge, I got tired of eating it after a while and abundant it lol! Wondered if it is still edible? Shall have to start baking another one to last me months lol!

    1. Jeannie...fruitcake can keep if properly kept in the fridge:)

  2. I am one of the blessed ones as mentioned above!! Thank you, Elinluv... I am waiting to try a piece of that when I reach home this evening.. then will keep some for my kids!! :)

    1. Haha Claire...I know you cant wait to go home and set your teeth on them :)

  3. wah so nice!!!...a lot of work wor

  4. is the same one that you gave me the during one of our earlier meeting? it was goooood!