Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Carolling :)

We started our christmas carolling last week . We had a wonderful session and truly enjoyed ourselves.  Before we started the real carolling, we had many practices in the church .  Our choir leader told the choir committee that we needed a microphone that is powerful enough to capture every carol singers' voices in our group .  Thus , it was apporved and the church ordered   shure sm58 for this purpose.  We had a portable sound system , so with these mic, we were able to perform the best carolling :)  This mic is legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other microphone.  It was a good buy for the church and a big thank you for our church for providing such good mics us, making our carol singing stood out last week.  Every family who had signed up for our carolling were pleased with our performance.  And thanks to these mics that our vocals came through , loud and clear :)

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