Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deuter Backpacks

Elaine gave Josh a deuter backpack before he goes to UK last year . It was a birthday gift for him.  It was just perfect for his Euro trip. He love deuter backpacks for they add a new level of comfort to ones backpacking experience.  And Josh very proudly told me that one of deuter backpacks won Outside Magazine's 2011 Gear of the Year Award!  Elaine surely knows what to give Josh for his birthday and a right choice too :) for Deuter backpacks are one of Europe's most successful backpack brands. They are the sturdiest and most comfortable on the market.   He will never lend  his deuter backpack to any of us.  So precious that he keeps his Deuter backpack well wrap, occasionally take it out for a quick clean often :)

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