Saturday, December 22, 2012

Green Juice

I ordered this green juice from a cafe and it costs me RM5 for a small glass.  It is made up of green apple, celery and bitter gourd (small species )  I decided to make my own and  since then , I have been making this green juice for myself every monday, wednesday and friday  before leaving for the office and not to forget the weekends sometimes.   Healthy drink and I love the bitterish after taste....

Green Juice

ingredients for 1 serving

1 Washington green apple/ granny smith
1 stalk US celery 
1 bitter gourd ( the small specie type )
1/2 cup cold water
some ice cubes

 throw in  the greens and apple and ice cubes and blend together
to make a glass of iced green juice

Stay healthy always !

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