Sunday, December 23, 2012

Guys And Their Hobbies

After spending some bonding time with Josh, I realised that he likes motorbike riding :) guys are guys, no matter how much I discouraged him to take up motorbike riding , he is still game about it. The other day, I was discussing with him about his future and he was multi tasking.  He may be listening to me but his hands are busy typing away on the keyboard.   I saw this screen flashing at me...all things motorbikes and accessories !  I gave a quick glance at the website address , which is ,         .  No wonder, he is busy typing away and scrolling down the page.  His mind is not focussing on my talk anymore but his eyes and soul is concentrating on this webpage !   They have helmets to bike leather jackets to leather gloves.  I am taken in by their webpage too :p     I left the room telling him " talk to me when you have finished with this webpage , I will talk to you when you are more attentive "  Guys are guys...not attentive like girls ! 

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