Friday, December 21, 2012

Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam

Continuing with the Christmas dessert :)  this is another local cake , Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam...a modern version.  The wrapping is different from the traditional ones, which are normally wrapped in a triangle shape. This is a real finger food...small and petite and another  lip-smacking  kuih.  Made with black glutinous rice and filled with grated coconut filling cooked in palm sugar ....mmmm I am still thinking of this kuih the whole morning as I am typing out this post.   Read on to see the inside of the kuih if you have the time :)

Each kuih is wrapped nicely with banana leave and my colleague told me this is the modern version. Great for parties and my colleague ordered this from her neighbor....mmmm I will definitely order this again for the next office party  :)    I ate a few of these and still craved for is such a glutton ! :p    

this is a real finger food dessert :)  small and petite and delicious !

see the lip smacking fillings ! mmmm thinking of this makes me salivates :p

I hope you guys enjoy this  visual feasting :p

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  1. Very interesting..looks super delicious.

  2. Exotic! I definitely will love these finger food.

  3. So, this is supposed to be the modern way of wrapping this petite kuih. I had this a few months back, homemade and they were done in this way.

  4. Waa yummy kuih one of my favorites!