Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Potato Donut Balls - Finger Food For Cell Group Meet-Up # 5

These donut balls are actually the donut holes from the sweet potato donuts I shared on my the previous post. Do not reroll the donut holes.  Fry them in hot oil and toss them into cinnamon sugar and you will have the kids enthralled especially with the animals picks. Not only kids love them, my Wild Boar can't stop chomping them down.  These are good finger food for cell group meet up too. I will make them into balls the next time I make donut dough and take them along for cell meet up.  If you are short of idea what to make or take to your cell meeting, these delectable sweet potato donut balls will be good.  Easily digestible, light and easy for the young and old.

these are the donut holes which I did not reroll them
instead fry them and toss them with sugar...reroll the scraps will produce
a hard  and compact and chewy texture

they look great with the animal will surely love them

Wild Boar love the Lion pick...he is a Leo ! :)

and I love the Piggy pick..I was born a Piggy ( chinese calendar  Piggy year ) 
so you now know why my Jo and Josh are called Piggies !

Have a nice day !

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