Monday, December 24, 2012

Washburn Guitars At Musician's Friend :)

Getting a new guitar has been Claire's wish the last few months.  She has been looking around for one and many of her friends have asked her to check out   washburn guitars at Musician's Friend           . They have many selections there that she can choose from.  And the prices are quite affordable too.  I may take up her offer of giving some guitar lessons and pick one guitar from this website :)  I read through the reviews by their customers on some of the guitars they have at their place and the ratings are good too .  Truly a good place to look for musical instruments.  Claire has eyed one washburn acoustic guitar and I can only say this " a good one for her ", the price and the model :)  She told me it has been added to her wish list :)  Of late, our topic has been musical instruments  LOL!

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