Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fried ' Nian Gao '

Chinese New Year celebration is just a month away and clearing the fridge is the No.1 task for me.  I found last year glutinous rice cake/sticky rice cake -  'Nian Gao ' in a container.  To make way for the new batch of glutinous rice cake, I have to use this up .  Imagine this cake has been in the fridge for a year now :p  I decided to make fried  'Nian Gao '  for our afternoon tea.  This goes well with a cup of hot black coffee.   The batter for this sticky cake is just 1/2 cup of plain flour, 1 egg ,  enough water to make a semi thick and smooth batter and some oil for deep frying.  Dip slices of sticky cake/nian gao into batter and deep fried till golden brown.   Wild Boar wants  it a bit chewy instead of the soft and ooey and gooey texture after the deep frying.  For me, I preferred the  'nian gao ' to be soft , ooey and gooey !  So I made both..the chewy one for him and soft ooey gooey ones  for Her :)))

One item off the fridge drawer :p

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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Schecter Guitar Research Electric Guitar

There are many brands of guitar in the market. As I have mentioned earlier , our church music team for the Saturday and Sunday worship service has made a request to the church committee that they need a new electric guitar for the youth ministry. I personally thinks that it is great if they can get the youth to participate in the music ministry.  Getting   Schecter Guitar Research Guitars   is a wise move !  It is affordable and with the good rating, I am sure it would be a great brand to buy for the youths.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Steamed Ginger Egg Custard

What do you do to your egg whites after using the yolks for your cake ???  As for me,  I would normally make egg white omelet for my dogs LOL!  But after reading through Min's blog , I know what I can with them !  Yesssss....turning them into Ginger Egg Custard !  A healthy dessert for the family.  It tasted so darn good that I will be making this again and again.   The ginger juice will helps remove the wind in our body :)  

Cameron' s Yacón

I have never eaten this tuber veggie before , and when I was given some from Cameron Highlands yesterday, I asked my friend how to cook these  tuber veggie.  I was told that it could be eaten  fresh without having to cook it, it is sweet and have a floral  (violet) undetones to its flavor.  The texture  is something like jicama.  I cut them into slices and served as after meal fruit :p  True enough it was crisp and sweet tasting.  You can read more of it here.  These edible tubers contain fructooligasaccharides , an indigestible polysaccharide made up of fructose.  Fructooligosaccharides taste sweet, but pass the human digestive tractm, unmetabolised and hence have very low caloric value. And they have prebiotic effect, meaning that they are used by ' friendly " bacteria that favor colon health and digestion. Wow..with these nutrients benefits , I will add this to our diet  :)    But for today, we shall have it as after meal dessert :p

There Is A Thing Called Knee Walker :)

My office mate recently had her bunion surgery done. It will take two months before she can fully walk. Thus, we offered to get her a  free spirit knee walker   so that it is easier for her to move around.  She has been given a month  medical leave.  I didn't know much about knee walker until her surgery :p  Knee Walkers have been used as an alternative to crutches or walkers for many years. It is not for people who have knee problem but for people with lower leg injury.  Yes, it will definitely be a good thing to get a knee walker for her :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Knead Cinnamon Rolls

I know I have been posting on tarts and pies the last few days :)  but those were christmas treats. Now back to  bread and buns making :p  the passion and craze is still in the blood.  The smell of bun baking in the oven is truly intoxicating.  I love the smell of freshly baked buns.  It fills the house with warm and  brings me back to my childhood days, where bread and buns are our only treats.   Kitty , my dear friend loves cinnamon buns with caramel sauce.  Now I have a bake her the best cinnamon buns but before that I must google for a good one : ) and I found one on Happy Home that does not need kneading and uses only all purpose , I was excited after reading through her post on her magical cinnamon rolls :) 

Karaoke Session For The Office Staff?

Do you know that our office has a recreation room for the staff.  The office staff would normally spend their lunch time in that room to chat and read the day papers .  Today, we had our first staff meeting and many of the guys suggested to our boss to have  a karaoke session during the lunch hour .  Now, this cause an uproar coz there are many who would not like the noise.  My boss , being a karaoke fan , of course would support those who wanted a  karaoke machines    installed in the recreation room :)  For me, I am always out of the office during lunch, so the musci will not disturb me.  My boss suggested to sound proof the room for their karaoke sessions if there is fund for renovation.  LOL! for me , anything goes as long as they stopped their karaoke session after the lunch hour !

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wild Blueberry And Almond Tartlets

When I first got hold of this book - Martha Stewart's Pie And Tarts, I bookmarked many recipes that I wanted to do.  Ahem...that was 2 years ago but until recently during the Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to bake some of it.     I dug out the book from my messy bookshelf and flipping through those bookmarked ones, decided to bake these delicious tarts.  One of the best tart I have eaten.  I thank God that I have fresh blueberries in the freezer.  I like to stock up berries in the freezer when they are in season and use them when they are off season :p .  This tart is special on and you will know why it is so special and you can't find them in any bakery in Ipoh :)

New Project With New Specifications

We started 2013 with a new project...a new mechanical workshop for our department :) I am in the team for this project and our head told us that from now on , we have to add certain provisions to our check list for our project.  We have to add in certain clauses eg. equipments and appliances specifications for the workshop that contractors have to provide for the work area and so on.  I find my job interesting. I have to know appliances from A-Z :)  and I must know about flexible metal hoses and stainless steel braided hose   that is applicable for the mechanical workshop !

Durian Ice Cendol @ Jonker Sweets , The Gardens

It 's DURIAN season and I found this mouth watering Ice Cendol generously drenched with durian sauce....goshhhh, it was lips smacking good and this is sold at Jonker Sweets Dessert in The Gardens :)   Had a bowl all to myself . Slurrp !  Hard to find this sweet dessert in Ipoh.  We have the classic one but not with durian sauce :)   If you are at The may want to try this out yourself...but meanwhile drool  first :p

Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Apple Pies With Cranberry Compote

These are little apple pies with cranberry compote which I baked as gifts during Christmas .  I brought these pies along as gifts when visiting old friends :)  simple to make and great as Christmas take along gifts .  Freshly baked are a delight to tuck in.  My friends were delighted with them so I thought I will post it up for you guys to drool :p I used the same pate brisee from Matha Stewart's Pie and Tarts...her recipe never fails and these little apple pies is a keeper for sure.  I tweaked a classic apple pie  by adding cranberry compote to it and it turned out a winner alright for my family and friends :)  Read on for more eye feasting and drooling :)  

Mini Cranberry Pie

For me , Christmas without cranberry is not christmas at all :p  I love cranberries and will stock them up every year.  I took out last year's stock and cooked them into compote for these mini pies.  The berries keep well in the freezer. Mine kept for a year and is still good . LOL!  These pies were so delicious that I am going to make them again for Piggy Jo when she comes home for her short break. I used Martha's Stewart's Páte Brisée and the pies bursting with cranberries goodness...mmmm and the crispy crust plus the almond flakes completed the crunch the pie deserved and not to forget to mention the cinnamon sugar.  The aroma wafting out of the oven while it is baking filled the whole house, giving it the christmassy feel.  These are great pies to serve your guest for Christmas and we had great pies for Christmas :) Read on for more photos of this mouth-watering pies 

Site Visit To Pangkor Island

During one of the site visit that I attended recently, I picked up quite a number of things from the main contractor of the project that our office technician is supervising in Pangkor Island.  When the contractor took us around the ongoing construction site, he showed us some of the changes that was done to the building design as requested by the Architect during the last site meeting.  I saw a  gantry crane in used and the contractor gave me a briefing why it was being used.  Never be shy to ask what a gantry crane is for :p

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lemon Curd Tartlets

I made extra poppy seed tartlets shells and stored them in air tight container for quick snacks :)  I have a jar of lemon curd and loving the citrusy fragrance...I decided to use Martha Stewart's lemon curd as fillings for my poppy seeds tartlet shells :)  Dessert made simple LOL!  You can fill your tart shells with anything you fancy....cranberry compote or even ice cream will have your craving for more of these crispy and crunchy tart shells :)  Have a bottle of lemon curd ready and you can have this refreshing tarts for dessert when you have unexpected guests for dinner !  Pipe whip cream as toppings and you can sprinkle some poppy seeds on the sure won't stop at one!   :)

Worship In Comfort :)

I am not complaining of the church wooden pews but for longer sessions , it is really quite painful for the butt to seated on wooden pew :p  I wish the church will change to more comfortable worship seats for us LOL! Too comfortable , the worshippers will fall asleep too , but I really pray that when the church decides to expand their sanctuary, they will choose more comfortable worship seats for us .  Sitting on uncomfortable pew seats will cause bad ache too if the service is an extended one . Thus I hope one day soon, the church committee will get us comfortable and durable Church furniture  for us :)  I am not complaining but praying for the best ! * wink

Poppy Seed Tartlets With Cream & Pomegranate

I am a great fan of Martha Stewart and I have tried out a few of her recipes on tarts and pies and all turned out fabulous.  Using a food processor to make the crust dough has made snacking and dessert indulging more easier. Less washing and the crust dough normally turns out perfect. Making this poppy seed tartlets seems the ideal dessert for us .  I have some leftover whipped cream in the fridge that needs to be used up and the tangy sweet pomegranate seeds adds flavor to the cream.  Eating everything in moderation is still my motto in life....thus indulging in this lips-smacking rich cream on crunchy poppy seed tart shells is guiltless :p  

Read on for Martha Stewart's Pate Sucree  -Poppy Seed variation

Audio Books For Busy Piggy Jo!

I had an interesting chat with my Piggy Jo over the weekend.  She was sharing with me on how busy she has been of late.  So many events to organize for the new intake of PhD students that just joined the University last month.  Being a senior, she has to guide them through their research and all. Besides that she has to do her reading on journals and preparing her papers.  She complained that she hardly has time for herself and all the new novels she bought from Big Bad Wolf Book Fairs are sitting in a corner of her room not touched. She wished she had the time to read all her favourite books.  I told her to get some audio books online . Audio books are the solution that many people with busy schedules are looking for to add more relaxation, enjoyment, and personal growth in their lives. Listening to audio books is the best solution for my Piggy Jo who can't find enough time in her day :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flower Ham Bun

When making the Homemade Hot Dog Buns, I double the recipe. One portion to make the hot dog buns and the other portion to make these Flower Ham Buns :)   Save time and energy...clever Momsie...right? * wink.  I like making these flower is so artsy and it gives me great pleasure when the baked buns turned out looking like a  flower .   Great presentation when serving to guests....and your family members and guests will be thrilled to bits eating them.  I don't know about you , but I love making them and serving them to my Wild Boar !  He said " Wow, you so creative ! "  and being a carnivore, he was excited seeing ham in the flower bun :p  He chomped down a few at one go and I took some to office for my breakfast :p
Read on to see how to twist it to a flower :)

Disk Defragmenter For My PC:)

Of late, I noticed that my PC's overall speed and responsiveness have slowed and files and programs take longer to open or launch. I can actually hear the tick and buzz as the hard drive struggles to launch programs or open large files.  Even though I regularly run my disk defragmentation tools on my PC, I  find my programs still take a while to launch and when they finally start up, they run slowly .  Wild Boar says that we need  to get a  disk defragmenter to re-aligns the hard drive files to recharge PC speed and performance.  With this we can do a regular disk defragmentation  for our computer to ensure that it runs smoothly from now on. It can be quite frustrating to have a PC that is sluggish in its performance.

Homemade Hot Dog Bun

I prefer making my own hot dog buns than to purchase them from the bakery.  It gives me the full satisfaction of eating homemade ones especially as good as the one I spotted on Tasty Kitchen .  The moment I read how she described the bun, I knew I had to make them myself.   The soft, chewy and the wonderful rich flavor that melts in the mouth description by her...I was sold , plus the fact that the bun is sturdy and allows one to pile mountainous piles of topping on it without turning into a soggy mess had me making them without any hestitation :)   Read on to catch the recipe !

Giving My Garden A Make Over :)

Time was Christmas just a while ago, and now we are looking forward to our Chinese New Year celebration comes this February 10th.  It will be spring cleaning  time for the Chinese , and that includes me . I will take this opportunity to spring clean the garden as well and give my garden a make over. The garden wall needs a new coat of paint and time to look for some decorative outdoor planters for my garden . Checked out a few garden websites and found one with free shipping on all cast stone outdoor planters...yay! good news for my Wild Boar  ( some savings for him ) and fun time for me, for I will be looking out for some flowering plants at my usual nursery when my decorative planters arrived :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mini Chicken Pies

I made some mini chicken pies for Jo's Godmother a few days before Christmas.  Adapted the recipe from Coles Food Magazine.  I was attracted by the recipe which has rosemary herbs to it :)   Not a fan of frozen peas , I substituted it with fresh mushrooms .  I also like the fact that it is made into mini pies . It looks cute with the fresh rosemary sprig as garnishing.  These cute mini pies are great as gifts for friends when visiting them :).  I made my own shortcrust pastry instead of store bought ones.  The mini chicken pies turned out fabulous and delicious.  Jo's Godma gave a good feedback on them , I kept some for the family too  :)  Wild Boar gobbled 3 of these mini pies at one go.  Not nicknamed WB for nothing eh :p