Sunday, January 6, 2013

Audio Books For Busy Piggy Jo!

I had an interesting chat with my Piggy Jo over the weekend.  She was sharing with me on how busy she has been of late.  So many events to organize for the new intake of PhD students that just joined the University last month.  Being a senior, she has to guide them through their research and all. Besides that she has to do her reading on journals and preparing her papers.  She complained that she hardly has time for herself and all the new novels she bought from Big Bad Wolf Book Fairs are sitting in a corner of her room not touched. She wished she had the time to read all her favourite books.  I told her to get some audio books online . Audio books are the solution that many people with busy schedules are looking for to add more relaxation, enjoyment, and personal growth in their lives. Listening to audio books is the best solution for my Piggy Jo who can't find enough time in her day :)

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