Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Karaoke Session For The Office Staff?

Do you know that our office has a recreation room for the staff.  The office staff would normally spend their lunch time in that room to chat and read the day papers .  Today, we had our first staff meeting and many of the guys suggested to our boss to have  a karaoke session during the lunch hour .  Now, this cause an uproar coz there are many who would not like the noise.  My boss , being a karaoke fan , of course would support those who wanted a  karaoke machines    installed in the recreation room :)  For me, I am always out of the office during lunch, so the musci will not disturb me.  My boss suggested to sound proof the room for their karaoke sessions if there is fund for renovation.  LOL! for me , anything goes as long as they stopped their karaoke session after the lunch hour !

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