Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Caramelized Plum With Vanilla Ice Cream

I had taken a short break from baking the last one month but now that the joints are in better condition  LOL!, I will be baking again soon. For today, dessert will be just caramelized plum with vanilla ice cousin Piggy gave me two tubs of US plums for CNY ....I caramelized some for eating with my tub of  vanilla ice cream and gosh , it was really good.  Delicious and every scoop is lips smacking good ! :)

To caramelize the plum, all you have to do is to peel the skin, cut them into halves, remove  stone and you are ready to caramelized them by cooking them with brown sugar and rum for extra flavor. East them with your favorite ice cream and it is bliss no doubt :)   I love it and Wild Boar loves it too.  Try it to believe me...simple and yet heavenly delicious. I don't mind having this for after meal dessert every day.

Slurrp !   >@<

Caramelized Plum

6 plums - peel, cut into halves, stone removed 
brown sugar - amount depends on your taste
3 tbsp of rum * optional

Cook all the ingredients in a saucepan till gravy thicken and caramelized

Serve the caramelized plum with vanilla ice cream


  1. Looks yummy, momsie.... glad to know that you're feeling much better now!

    1. Cheah, I am fine now..had ' tennis elbow ' now recovering :)

  2. Elin, someone just gave me half a banana box of plums (about 7-8kg!) They look like grapes! wished you are here to share!

    1. You are lucky...send some over then since you have 8 kgs of them :p