Friday, February 22, 2013

Eco Friendly Cooking Appliances

As many of you know that Lynette my cousin has consulted a kitchen expert to do up her kitchen for her.  She has the kitchen totally revamped and she is happy with the result of newly renovated kitchen. Lynette is a good baker and cook. Cooking is her passion and I think it runs in our family. My grandma loves cooking too :)  Lynette was telling me about the Kleenmaid cooking appliances that she is keen fill her new kitchen with.  Whoa...I am keen to have my kitchen revamp and give my kitchen a facelift too.  Looking through their website, I discovered that they have many kitchenware that are eco friendly.  Green appliances will surely add some special touch to my kitchen.  I will check out their dishwasher and other cookware which is going at low prices.  I really have to thank Lynette for her sharing and advises given all these years :)

I love her new kitchen and if you are keen to have your kitchen revamp or renovated, and  more information on green applicances, please visit   . I can't wait to have my kitchen worked on and my hands on those green cookware for my kitchen.

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