Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kumquat Compote For CNY - Revisited

Time flies, and today is the 7th day of the CNY . I am sure you guys had a wonderful meet up with friends and relatives during the first few days of the CNY.  We had a quiet CNY, with my joint pain and all, I did not cook much except for the first two days of the CNY :p  I have resting like a queen for once in my life.  Eating out most of the time :)  But most important, I did cook this new batch of kumquat compote for another year of baking.  

This new batch will last me another year for sure.   I am well rested and now I am feeling much better and hopefully this year will have more baking posts from me :p  I introduced this kumquat compote to my dear friend, Nancy and taught her how to cook it and guess what ?  She loves it and had made a big jar for herself !  Good things are for sharing :)

I love this to bits !


200 gm kumquat - cut into half and remove seeds
200 gm water
100 gm sugar

Put all the ingredients into a heavy pan and cook on medium heat till the kumquats are soft and glossy.

*           *           *


  1. I burnt mine lol! So waiting for discounted kumquats before starting over:D Yours definitely is drool worthy!

    1. Jeannie :) you must try to get some and cook again. You will definitely love it :)