Monday, February 25, 2013

Onion & Chives Tortilla Chips

I have reading so much about tortilla chips of late .  I bought a packet of onion and chives wraps for making 'sushi rolls' last weekend.  Made some 'sushi rolls ' and have a few pieces left. Not knowing what to do with the rest of it, I decided to make these long awaited tortilla chips.  It turned out to be such an addictive snacks that I realised how much I have missed out for not having made this earlier.  This is a great snack for kids and adults.  Easy to make and this is a healthy snacks to munch on while watching the idiot box :)  Read on to see how easy it is to make these healthy and addictive chips.

For Ipohans, you can get these onion and chives wraps from Jusco near the bread section.  They are soft thin and has a nice subtle fragrant of onion and chives.  To make chips out of them is easy.  Lightly greased a baking sheet with olive oil or canola oil. Take a piece of wrap and rub on the greased sheet.  Cut the  tortilla wrap into eight pieces and sprinkle paprika and cayenne pepper on the surface for extra punch.  Bake in a preheated oven and baked at 170C for 4 mins on each side or until  it is lightly browned and crispy.  Take out and cool on rack . Store in air tight container. 

Let me warn you first....these are so yummy healthy good and you won't be able to stop munching on them but no worry...these are healthy snack !  

Have a great day !

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