Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tortillla Chips With Foie Gras Spread

I am on tortilla chips craze LOL!....okay last post on tortilla chips...this time we had tortilla chips with Foie Gras spread.  This can of foie gras was given to me from my Piggy Josh. He  bought it from France , when he was backpacking Europe last year.   He could not afford a better one so he bought his Momsie a small can of foie gras paste in a can :)   I really dont know what to do with it, so decided to just spread it on my tortilla chips and gosh it was good.   I have not tasted a better quality one so can't compare . This is just as boy apologized and say next time he will buy a better quality one and anyway he said this was not cheap either ....9 euro for a small can LOL!   I told him no worry, its the thought that matters....right? 

Okay, no more on tortilla post will be on baking cookies, cakes and muffins
keeping my finger crossed that my tennis elbow will heal faster :)

Have a great day !

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