Saturday, March 23, 2013

Apple And Fig Mini Pie With Ice Cream - A Sinful Indulgence :)

I enjoy a scoop of ice cream to go with sweet pie.  A sinful indulgence no doubt but it sure make dessert more delicious !  This is truly a wonderful after dinner dessert especially under such hot and humid weather.  Eating this with the air con  on and watching your favorite tv show is BLISS!    Love it !  

for the recipe

This One Is Specially For Piggy Josh :)

Hi Josh,

If you are reading this, I know you would be happy to know that your favorite nivea deodorant with ocean extracts offers true confidence of 24th effective regulation of perspiration providing a fresh feeling and I have bought you a few during a visit to Guardian Pharmacy.  The Pharmacist gave a talk on Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural.  It has reliable antiperspirant protection .  I bought the ones imported from Germany and I am sure you will love this Fresh Natural. You don't have to worry, I know you will stay fresh all day with this Fresh Natural :) I am glad that you choose Nivea line of skincare.  I will send them to you as soon as I get them packed up . Have a nice day and looking to seeing you again on your next trip back.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Apple And Fig Mini Pie

These mini pies are delicious . These delectable pies are something like the mini apple pies I made some time back except that they have dried figs in the fillings.  I made them before I suffered from ' tennis elbow '.   Packed with apple and dried figs fillings, topped with crunchy almond slices and the buttery crust...mmmmm you tell me if these are not tasty enough :p  They are the most delicious little pies for snacking after your afternoon siesta.  For afternoon tea, these pies goes well with a hot cup of coffee.  For dessert , these little pies goes well with vanilla ice cream ...slurp !  Read on for the recipe..........

Chair Cushions For Comfort

As we grow older, we need some comfort. Especially we like to sit on something comfortable and soft.  Wild Boar was complaining that we should have bought the dining table that comes with cushioned chairs.  We sort of regretted not buying the other dining table set that comes with cushioned seats :p  Anyway, Wild Boar went online and ordered some chair cushion for comfort for all the existing chairs and our work chairs, so that we can eat and work in comfort.  We are seated most of the time in front of our computers when we are at home and this foam cushion pads will be great for our butts :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nian Gao Taro Rolls- Revisited

My Piggies love this and I will make this for them during the Chinese New Year as snack for them while waiting for the next meal to come.   CNY dinners are at irregular times coz the whole day , we will be munching away on CNY goodies :p   I never failed to make this for them.  They are my  'bao pei ' I wanted to fry it more brown but because my Piggy Jo is having a sore throat,  so I did not want it to be overly fried like I used to do the previous year.  Just the same this is good,  see how the glutinous rice cake oozes out...mmmm this is heavenly.  The one who first made this nian gao or glutinous rice cake is a real genius.  This cake is so good and so caramel-ey there such a word :p Anyway , this is so good that I chomp down a few for my afternoon snack !

click here for the recipe

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Spring Cleaning WB's DIY Cupboard

Last Sunday after the church service and Sunday school duty, WB and myself went for a good lunch , after which we came back and did some spring cleaning on his DIY cupboard.  WB will do this as a ritual every month.  He will do a check list on the stuff he needs and then we will go hunting for those in the checked list that is useful for his DIY things.  He is my carpenter and repair man LOL!   He added few new items to his DIY cupboard...some spring-loaded devices namely spring plungers and plugger accessories.  Don't ask me what they are for...I only know that he will be ordering some of these new items to his cupboard.  I am his home finance minister, I just sign the check :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cranberry Cupcakes

When Kathy of Small Kucing came up to Ipoh a week back , I quickly baked these cranberry cupcakes for her .  I have so much of frozen cranberries that it was no problem making these delectable cuppies for her :)  I bought  the book ' Muffins & Bakes " during the Big Bad Wolf book sales  and now I am using the book to the fullest. Have bookmarked many recipes from the book and soon I will share with you more from the book.  Easy to whip up and no fuss at all.   I used yoghurt instead of milk is because yoghurt will make the cake more moist and it taste better.  Read on for the recipe :) 

Yearly Medical Check Up For Us :)

My office held their yearly health care for the staff and this time, it was sponsored by a private medical research team whereby their sent their final  students to come and give us the medical check up.  They held the medical check at our multi purpose hall, where they set up their stations .  Blood test and many other tests were conducted for all the office staff.  I went for all the tests available and the last test I went for was a check with a spirometer. What is a spirometer ? It measures the the air entering and leaving the lungs.  Most spirometers are handheld and feature direct to printer, built in printer and PC based functionality to analyze results.  In addition, peak-flow meters can monitor airway obstruction and breath exhalation. It was my first time experiencing this test and the result can be known straight away.  I was happy my health result turned out fine.