Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nian Gao Taro Rolls- Revisited

My Piggies love this and I will make this for them during the Chinese New Year as snack for them while waiting for the next meal to come.   CNY dinners are at irregular times coz the whole day , we will be munching away on CNY goodies :p   I never failed to make this for them.  They are my  'bao pei ' I wanted to fry it more brown but because my Piggy Jo is having a sore throat,  so I did not want it to be overly fried like I used to do the previous year.  Just the same this is good,  see how the glutinous rice cake oozes out...mmmm this is heavenly.  The one who first made this nian gao or glutinous rice cake is a real genius.  This cake is so good and so caramel-ey gooey...is there such a word :p Anyway , this is so good that I chomp down a few for my afternoon snack !

click here for the recipe

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  1. I fried mine with sweet potato...cheaper lol! mine didn't flow like yours!

  2. Elin, that's looks so good!