Friday, March 1, 2013

Yearly Medical Check Up For Us :)

My office held their yearly health care for the staff and this time, it was sponsored by a private medical research team whereby their sent their final  students to come and give us the medical check up.  They held the medical check at our multi purpose hall, where they set up their stations .  Blood test and many other tests were conducted for all the office staff.  I went for all the tests available and the last test I went for was a check with a spirometer. What is a spirometer ? It measures the the air entering and leaving the lungs.  Most spirometers are handheld and feature direct to printer, built in printer and PC based functionality to analyze results.  In addition, peak-flow meters can monitor airway obstruction and breath exhalation. It was my first time experiencing this test and the result can be known straight away.  I was happy my health result turned out fine.

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