Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steamed Pumpkin Muffins

I  prefer steamed pumpkin muffins to baked ones :) I mean after eating these soft and fluffy ones I have to admit that these are truly delicious.  A keeper no doubt and the whole preparation took just 30 minutes .  I steamed the pumpkin the night before and prepare the pumpkin batter in the early morning in time to take to office for my colleagues .   They gave a thumbs up for these steamed pumpkin muffins.  I used the japanese pumpkin instead of the local ones , not that it taste better but because it is not as sweet as the local.  I find the local ones are overly sweet for my taste  LOL!   I took  the recipe from  Food4Tots .  She has many healthy recipes on her blog which I truly love and shall try some of her recipes in the near future.  Read on for the recipe..........

Mator USA - Safety Knives

Our Sunday school supervisor Bro Shum has ordered some crafts materials and safety cutters for our weekly lessons preparation.  We , the Sunday school teachers were very happy that he thinks of our safety when he ordered online  Martor USA - safety cutters which is specially designed with accident preventation features.  We need to prepare a lot of craft work for the kids and with these safety cutters, the risk of injuring our hands will be nil. We really have to thank our Bro. Shum for these caring thoughts.

Coffee Meringue Cookies

Coffee Meringue Cookies !!!  Melts in the mouth and it is so addictive :) I keep popping them into my mouth the moment the cooled down.  These coffee meringue cookies are fat free , low calorie and flourless. It is best to make meringue cookies when the humidity is low or they will not crisp properly.  I am not good at making these yet...thus that answered you why they are out of shape...more like dancing meringue cookies :p  Read on for the recipe :)

Brown Christmas Lights For Our Tree :)

We have been searching around for brown christmas lights for the past one year and yesterday Wild Boar's friend showed him the ones he bought online.  Wild Boar is so happy that he found what we had been looking for the past one year and he is delighted with the wide selection they have on their website. He can pick the clear brown cord wire set or the clear light set brown wire or white LED Christmas Lights with brown wire.  All seems to fit in well with our tree. Heehee I know WB can't wait for Christmas to come :)  He can be like a child sometimes :p

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fairy Cakes With Cranberry Jam

I made these delectable fairy cakes  for my Sunday school kids.  Lynn and myself held a Palm Sunday picnic for the 6 girls under our care.  Lynn and myself are the teachers for these Standard 3 gals.  It was a off day for our sunday bible school, so Lynn decided to have a picnic for our girls at her house - to have a bonding time with them and to tell them more about what Palm Sunday is about.  Lynn did a sketch to describe the  Palm Sunday using real palm leaves for the sketch.  Lynn is a passionate teacher .  You can see she really loves the kids and I am learning  a lot from her . Doing a job because you love it and doing it out of duty are  two different things .  I can see that she loves what she is doing.  The girls truly enjoyed the games, the sketch prepared by Lynn and not to forget today highlight   - the cakes prepared by yours truly :)  These fairy cakes are perfect for  children party. Simple to prepare and delicious.  Lynn only love butter cake, but surprisingly she said these cakes are delicious and she ate a few :)    I enjoy working together with Lynn . We both love the kids :)   Read on for the recipe :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spinach Bun With Bacon Bits

I came upon this spinach bun in one chinese magazine and that gave me an idea to add blanched spinach to the wholemeal bread dough.   I used the same wholemeal bread recipe.  Giving WB just a plain spinach bun, he may not be enthusiatic in eating it.  So, to make it more interesting, I added his favorite bacon to the bun and guess what?  He ate them without questions LOL!  The taste of spinach after baking is not over powering and these buns are delicious with the bacon bits .  A keeper for sure.  Read on for the recipe.........

Shopping Online Is So Very Fun :)

Adidas have come out a with a wide range of walking shoes for women.  I was browsing through looking for some Adidas padded snow pants for my nieces in NJ .  They are planning to go skiing next year and I was thinking of getting them some snow pants  as gifts for them .  Saw some nice adidas walking shoes for women and thinking of getting a pair for myself too :p .   I love shopping online !  So convenient  !

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet Roll Buns

I was actually very tired and my arm was recovering after a steroid jab when Wild Boar requested for some homemade sweet roll buns.  He asked me if it is too much trouble to bake some buns for him LOL!  So I told him , yea very troublesome haha the washing that is  :p   He promised to do up the washing * wink wink, it worked !  I put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and using the cake mixer with the dough hook attached, I knead the dough for about 8 minutes until the dough leaves the sides of the mixing bowl.  Took the dough out and lightly knead it for another 5 minutes.  It was not much work , I said it to trick WB to do the washing up.   You can make the dough in less than 15 mins . After which , just leave the dough to rest for 1 hour and then knock it down and divide into  6 rolls.  After which leave it to rest again for 30 minutes and baked in the hot oven for just 20 minutes and tada, freshly baked rolls for supper and breakfast for WB !  He did the washing up of course !   Read on for the recipe, which I took from HappyHomeBaking's Milk Loaf which I tweaked to make sweet rolls for WB  :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fig And Almond Muffin

This is another recipe from the Muffins And Bakes :) another  healthy and delicious muffin full of fig and almonds .  I like the fact that it uses only 2 tablespoon of sunflower oil.  You can make this for breakfast or for children parties or for cell group meeting.  Easy to prepare and you can whip this up in just under 40 mins.  I have KIV this for our next cell meeting .  I can prepare this before I go for the cell meeting.  Serving this freshly baked muffins and hot coffee would be great after the cell meeting :)  Read on for the recipe......

Cigar Affiliate Program

Uncle Sam is addicted to cigars more than cigarettes and he spends a quarter of his pension on cigars. Today I have good news for him.  There is a cigar affiliate program that he can sign up for and earn to pay of for his luxury addiction :)  With this market leading affiliate campaign he will receive large earnings for promoting high quality cigar and cigar accessories to his readers .  It is easy, all his readers have to do is to click the links, and make a purchase, he will his 10% commission!  Wow, I am sure he will be excited to hear this !