Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coffee Meringue Cookies

Coffee Meringue Cookies !!!  Melts in the mouth and it is so addictive :) I keep popping them into my mouth the moment the cooled down.  These coffee meringue cookies are fat free , low calorie and flourless. It is best to make meringue cookies when the humidity is low or they will not crisp properly.  I am not good at making these yet...thus that answered you why they are out of shape...more like dancing meringue cookies :p  Read on for the recipe :)

Melts in the mouth...like eating candy floss

Coffee Meringues Cookies  - adapted from here

A. 3 egg white

B. 60g caster sugar

    1 tbsp coffee paste

C.1 tbsp corn flour

     1 tbsp coffee powder

     120g icing sugar

* nozzle no. 22

pipping bag


1. Blend ingredients A until foamy. Slowly add in ingredients B until stiff and add sifted ingredients C, mix until well combined.

2. Fit a piping bag with nozzle no. 22, pour in egg white mixture. Pipe the mixture into piece on a paper.

3. Bake in preheated oven 120C for 60 minutes.

*               *              *

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  1. Love merigues!! Instantly bring us back to our childhood!!! Our grandmothers would make it all the time!