Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apple And Cranberry Cookies

I am not a fan of cookies but when I saw this recipe in one of the chinese cookbook , I knew I had to try it out :)  It turned out delicious.  Was suppose to post this up a few months back :p but due to my tennis elbow, I totally forgotten about these cookies .  Good stuff are supposed to be shared and this is one good cookies that will have you wanting more :)  Great with a cup of hot coffee ...especially Ipoh White Coffee :)


The other day , my Piggies's music teacher rang up to say hello . We have not been seeing each other for months now.  We were talking about her students and she told me about one of her student is also taking up lessons on how to play the Melodica.  I really do not know what is a Melodica , being illiterate in music instruments but I pretended to know LOL!  I quickly googled for it and now I know that it is a small hand held reed organ.  Invented by the German company Hohner in the 1950s and is popular in schools  and one can order a melodica from musicians friend online .  I must really widen my horizon on musical instruments

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dried Longan And Aloe Vera Tong Sui

The weather is hot and having been eating spicy food the past few weeks, I boiled some sweet dessert soup/tong sui with aloe vera to counter the heat in our body.  A friend gave me some aloe vera that she planted in her own garden.  Chilled them before serving and this is  the best cooling agent for our body.  I can have two bowls of this delectable sweet dessert at one go :)   The ingredients for this sweet dessert are

1 large blade of aloe vera - cut into cubes
2  screwpine leaves - tie into a knot
2 pieces of white fungus ( suet yee) - soaked for 5 mins, cleaned and squeeze dry
1 cup of dried longan
1 piece of gula melaka
1 litre of water
5 pieces of red dates


Pour 1 litre of water into a soup pot , add in the screwpines and red dates and boil till fragrant, add in the gula melaka and dried longans and cooked till the longans are  puffed out and the gula melaka has dissolved.  Add in the white fungus and and continue to boil for another 10 mins. Off the heat and add in the aloe vera cubes.   When the sweet soup has cooled down, chilled them in the fridge before serving.

Happy Mother's Day to Mommies  :)

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