Sunday, June 30, 2013

Homemade Popcorn - So Fun And Easy !

Homemade popcorn !  Plain ones are just as tasty as those with coated with caramel and cinnamon powder.  My Piggy Jo came back last month and taught me how to make my own tasty snack of popcorn that is fun and easy to make :)  I have so much to learn from my daughter and it is pay back time for her :p   For a healthy snack, I made them plain without any caramel or butter and it tasted good.  I can't stop muching them as I watched the korean drama...this is what I would love to snack on without guilt... LOL!  


Raw popcorn kernels
canola oil - enough to line the bottom of the pot
salt to taste

  • Turn your stove on high, and wait for it to heat up while you prepare the popcorn.
  • Find a medium-sized stainless steel pot,cover the bottom, so that there is a layer of oil on the bottom- if you are cooking a half cup of popcorn kernels, 3-4 tablespoon of oil is recommended.
  • Add the popcorn kernels, quickly put the pot top on and hold it down. Shake the covered pot back and forth so the kernels are coated with oil.
  • Turn the stove down to between medium and high temperature. Do not rush the popping with high heat. Cooking popcorn over high heat makes the popcorn taste rubbery. High medium heat works best. Turning down too low the popcorn will not pop.
  • When pot is 3/4 full, remove from heat and turn off the stove. Don't keep the popcorn over the heat too long as the popcorn will burn. Let the popping continue until the pot is full and has stopped popping and put the popcorn into a bowl.
  • Sit down and turn on the TV and enjoy!  :)

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Looking For Cheap Business Card Printing?

We have many young entrepreneurs in our cell group and after the cell meeting, we had a light supper and it was at this time that I heard them complaining about the price of having their business card printed at the printing shop in town.  I could not help listening to their conversation as they sounded quite disappointed that they had paid quite a price for their printed cards. I told them that I had done a review on some cheap business card printing some months back and if I am not mistaken, it offers design online cards which will make their business card unique and set them apart from those common ones. Of course, our young entrepreneur were impressed when I gave them a detailed outline of how convenient it is to have their business card done online and what more cheap too...heehee this old aunty can be resourceful at times :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Puteri Ayu - Steamed Mini Pandan Sponge Cake

The moment I saw this steamed mini pandan sponge cake on Sonia's blog   I knew I had to try it out.  So I went out to get the mini moulds for making Puteri Ayu from the baking shop. Managed to get them from Bake With Yen for under ten dollars ( 15 moulds ) They look cute and you can use them as jelly moulds too :)  It turned out so good that I have made this a few times already.  Nice to serve as afternoon tea snacks.  A keeper for sure.  The sponge cake is pandan flavored and with the grated coconut topping, it was a great combo.  Great snacks for cell group meeting ...easily digestable. The young and old will surely like this homemade ones :)  Read on for the recipe .....

WB Wants To Go Jamming With Joe OG

Wild Boar wants to join his old friend Joe and his band for some fun. Jamming...gosh, I didn't know that he likes jamming too.  This is the new WB I know.  I only know that my Piggies love music but WB? Nay, I never know that he has inclination towards music and what more band music!  Joe is an old friend of ours and he is into band music, those rock music.  Hahaha, and my WB wants to go jamming with him.  Haih, sometimes life is strange...when you are young, you are not into music but when you are in your 50's you wanna go jamming.  Anyway of late, he is surfing online for some musical stuff and I saw him reading on rivera amps at guitar center . Well, I guess Joe has asked him for help in this area . To help him decide which brand of amps to get for his band. It is good that WB has a new hobby...jamming with his friends LOL!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Double Boiled Apple And Aloe Vera

This is another sweet dessert that has lots of health benefit . Green apples and snow fungus and aloe a bowl packed with nutrients to tuck in...mmmm this is one delicious dessert that I don't mind having everyday.  The aloe vera is best taken in its natural form.  After double boiled the apples and snow fungus and cinnamon stick with cane sugar for 1 hour , off the heat and when the apple sweet dessert is ready for serving, you can then add in the aloe vera.  Over cooked the aloe vera will lose its nutrients. I discovered that aloe vera has 12 benefits and medicinal uses.  You can read on to find out what they are.........

Time Flies And Soon It Will Be Christmas !

Time flies and soon it will be Christmas. Summer is here and soon some animals will go into hibernating :p but for some of us, we want to get the house ready for Christmas. Lots of things to prepare for the big day.  Churches will be having their practices on carolling and preparing skits and drama for Christmas Eve celebration.  For socialites , it will hosting Christmas parties and this need preparation. Menu and gifts , eccetra  has to be ordered in advance.  For me, I would like to put on my thinking cap and think of gifts to give my loved ones. Shopping online is what I like and do most. Books and birthday, anniversay gifts . Have you visited Christmas place? Lots of christmas gifts to shop for and maybe I will try to get radko from christmasplace as gift for WB. is a secret :p

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ice Cream Topped With Homemade Cranberry Compote

On a hot and hazy day, this would perk us up... cranberry compote on ice cream.  Ah....this is heavenly !  I love making my own ice cream but at times when I am too lazy to bring out the ice cream maker and preparing the custard overnight, this would do.  A tub of vanilla ice cream from Jusco would be great too.  Homemade cranberry compote is what makes this dessert delicious :)  I still have two packets of fresh cranberries in the freezer waiting for another round of compote making :p  The cranberry compote is not just used in cakes and muffins but they are great on ice cream too !    Check out some recipes that I have tried out that uses fresh cranberries :)

Enjoy !

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Nephew An Avid Coins Collector

I have a nephew who is a coin collector.  I gave him some of the old coins which his grandfather gave me some years back and I could see how happy he was . When I visited him last August , he showed him his collection of coins.  Gosh, he need to open a deposit box with the bank to keep all his valuable coins :)  He showed me his morgan silver dollars which were minted from 1878 to 1904 .   He even gave me a talk on these silver dollars.  They were named after its designer , George T. Morgan who designed the obverse and reverse of the coin.  The dollar has a finess of .900, giving a total silver content of 0.77344 troy ounces per coin.  And he enlightened me that The Morgan Dollar is one of the most popular and widely collected US coins.  Wow, the Morgan silver dollars he has with him must be priceless then !  I love chatting with this nephew of mine. He is entertaining and knowledgeable of all the coins he has in in possession.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Steamed Caramel Banana Cake

When I saw this recipe on Sonia's blog - Nasilemaklover, I knew I just have to make it for our afternoon tea snack.  Who doesn't love banana in our family...we Piggies love them in cakes and ice cream .  I have tried steamed banana cake using the common recipe but with caramel, this is my first time, and I think that was what attracted me to try it out in the first place.  I made the right choice and no regrets..this cake is what Sonia described, it is less oily and has a rich banana fragrance and not to mention, it is easy to whip up too. If this is your first time hearing of steamed caramel banana cake, do read on and check out the recipe for this lovely spongy banana fragrance steamed cake :)

A Day With The Mechanical Engineer

We are designing a new workshop for our mechanical workers. It will be one of the biggest in the State :) and yesterday we had a meeting with the mechanical engineer to discuss some minute details on some hydraulic hose that they will be needing for their workshop.  He informed us that they require low and high pressure hydraulic hose to be installed in the workshop and he suggested that the contractor supplys the parker hydraulic hose in place of other hydraulic hose.  We have it noted and will add this clause to the contract agreement.  It was a hard day for us all. Long discussions and lots of changes done to the drawings and I know for sure, I will be having a hard day tomorow after a hard day with the mechanical engineer!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Japanese Green Tea Powder From Meidi-Ya Supermarket ,Singapore

I have been so busy at work that I hardly have time to check my mails , facebook and not to mention updating my blog. I have to complete the drawings for one project for a client and work work work was all I did the past few weeks.  On top of that, I had to attend a product seminar at one of our local hotel and thus I came back home exhausted and no energy for keeping in touch with friends and family on facebook :p   I miss my baby piglets ( ahem my Piggies ) so much that I could cry like a baby at times :p  Yesterday , due to pressure of work, I came home feeling so worn out, depressed and all the way home, I told myself, I going to throw in my retirement letter to the boss.  Whoa, the moment I stepped into the house, Wild Boar handed me a small parcel from Josh and guess what!  Yay, two cans of Japanese Green Tea Powder from my Piggy Josh. He bought them from Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Singapore.  A product of Japan...and this truly took away my depression for the night :)   Guess what I do with the green tea powder....yea Green Tea Ice Cream came to mind and ice cream is a happy food to take away depression :)  Thank You Piggy Josh for the thoughts and you know me so well.....this definitely cheered me up!  Love you Piggy Josh so much :)

Meanwhile  check this out   Green Tea Cheese Chiffon  and Green Tea Ice Cream

Busy With Work And Seminars

Life had been pretty hectic the last few weeks...attending seminars by companies, promoting their products and using them in our projects.  This is what my working life entails.  One of the seminar I attended was this interesting product about alumina ceramic products and labware . It is kind of interesting and how this product can help in our using them for our school projects like school labs and all.  The advanced ceramic solutions to heat, wear and corrosion.  Going for  product talks helps widens our horizon on the lastest materials used for laboratory and industrial projects.  I am thankful for all the seminars that my boss recommended to me even though it can be tiring for me at times like this when I have so much to do at work :)  Well, I have to be thankful for the talk and from here I learned about ceramic spacer and other relevant stuff.  The days ahead will be hectic when I have a dateline to finish my project that I am working on....for the time being, bear with me if I can't update any post entry for a few days :)  Have a good day !