Saturday, June 1, 2013

Busy With Work And Seminars

Life had been pretty hectic the last few weeks...attending seminars by companies, promoting their products and using them in our projects.  This is what my working life entails.  One of the seminar I attended was this interesting product about alumina ceramic products and labware . It is kind of interesting and how this product can help in our using them for our school projects like school labs and all.  The advanced ceramic solutions to heat, wear and corrosion.  Going for  product talks helps widens our horizon on the lastest materials used for laboratory and industrial projects.  I am thankful for all the seminars that my boss recommended to me even though it can be tiring for me at times like this when I have so much to do at work :)  Well, I have to be thankful for the talk and from here I learned about ceramic spacer and other relevant stuff.  The days ahead will be hectic when I have a dateline to finish my project that I am working on....for the time being, bear with me if I can't update any post entry for a few days :)  Have a good day !

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