Saturday, June 1, 2013

Japanese Green Tea Powder From Meidi-Ya Supermarket ,Singapore

I have been so busy at work that I hardly have time to check my mails , facebook and not to mention updating my blog. I have to complete the drawings for one project for a client and work work work was all I did the past few weeks.  On top of that, I had to attend a product seminar at one of our local hotel and thus I came back home exhausted and no energy for keeping in touch with friends and family on facebook :p   I miss my baby piglets ( ahem my Piggies ) so much that I could cry like a baby at times :p  Yesterday , due to pressure of work, I came home feeling so worn out, depressed and all the way home, I told myself, I going to throw in my retirement letter to the boss.  Whoa, the moment I stepped into the house, Wild Boar handed me a small parcel from Josh and guess what!  Yay, two cans of Japanese Green Tea Powder from my Piggy Josh. He bought them from Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Singapore.  A product of Japan...and this truly took away my depression for the night :)   Guess what I do with the green tea powder....yea Green Tea Ice Cream came to mind and ice cream is a happy food to take away depression :)  Thank You Piggy Josh for the thoughts and you know me so well.....this definitely cheered me up!  Love you Piggy Josh so much :)

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