Friday, June 21, 2013

Time Flies And Soon It Will Be Christmas !

Time flies and soon it will be Christmas. Summer is here and soon some animals will go into hibernating :p but for some of us, we want to get the house ready for Christmas. Lots of things to prepare for the big day.  Churches will be having their practices on carolling and preparing skits and drama for Christmas Eve celebration.  For socialites , it will hosting Christmas parties and this need preparation. Menu and gifts , eccetra  has to be ordered in advance.  For me, I would like to put on my thinking cap and think of gifts to give my loved ones. Shopping online is what I like and do most. Books and birthday, anniversay gifts . Have you visited Christmas place? Lots of christmas gifts to shop for and maybe I will try to get radko from christmasplace as gift for WB. is a secret :p

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