Saturday, June 22, 2013

WB Wants To Go Jamming With Joe OG

Wild Boar wants to join his old friend Joe and his band for some fun. Jamming...gosh, I didn't know that he likes jamming too.  This is the new WB I know.  I only know that my Piggies love music but WB? Nay, I never know that he has inclination towards music and what more band music!  Joe is an old friend of ours and he is into band music, those rock music.  Hahaha, and my WB wants to go jamming with him.  Haih, sometimes life is strange...when you are young, you are not into music but when you are in your 50's you wanna go jamming.  Anyway of late, he is surfing online for some musical stuff and I saw him reading on rivera amps at guitar center . Well, I guess Joe has asked him for help in this area . To help him decide which brand of amps to get for his band. It is good that WB has a new hobby...jamming with his friends LOL!

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