Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greek Yoghurt With Mango

I love this for breakfast before going to work after my stretching exercises.  Now with the frozen shoulder and all,  I have to do 30 minutes to 40 mins of stretching exercises every morning before I leave for office.   And this is a good morning pick me up after the workout :)   And I can have this again before I go to bed...that is when I feel like having something yummy and not having to feel guilty !  Greek yoghurt is the best yoghurt so far that I have tasted.  Though it is a bit pricey compared to other brands , it has now become my favorite yoghurt.   Yoghurt is a top health food and we should take it every day :)   You can get Greek Yoghurt from Jusco at Kinta City if you are staying in Ipoh :)
  • Yoghurt  - is easier to digest than milk
  • Yoghurt  - contributes to colon health
  • Yoghurt  - improves the bioavailability of other nutrients
  • Yoghurt  - can boost immunity  - good for the old and young
  • Yoghurt  - aids healing after intestinal infections - a chaser for anti-biotics
  • Yoghurt  - can decrease yeast infections
  • Yoghurt  - is a rich source of calcium
  • Yoghurt  - is an excellent source of protein
  • Yoghurt  - can lower cholesterol
  • Yoghurt  - is a ' grow food '

Greek Yoghurt With Mango

1 ripe mango 
Greek Yoghurt

Diced mango into cubes .  Puree 1/3 of the mango cubes for topping.
Place 2/3 of the mango cubes at the bottom of glass dish or ramekin , top with spoonfuls of Greek Yoghurt.
Pour the puree on top of the yoghurt and serve chilled.

Enjoy !

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