Saturday, July 27, 2013

Music Notation Program Software

Josh was telling me about this music notation program software that will help compose, arrange, publish , teach and share .  I was blur when he first talked about it but after reading what it can do for composer and music teachers, I think it is the most smart music program that has been created . Finale 2012 will allow you to have access to more Garritan sounds, of course , in addition to more than 400 instrument sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra, Finale also includes sounds from the makers of Virtual Drumline and more.   Smart Music Integration is a Finale Exclusive !  I am sure Miss Chong , Josh's music teacher will be impressed by it.  Will  instantly save her Finale creations as SmartMusic solo or ensemble accompaniments and assign the piece to her students, assess their performance and celebrate their success.  I will tell her about it the next time we meet up for lunch.  I am sure she will want to get finale 2012 for herself :) 

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