Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swimming Is A Good Form Of Exercise :)

Jo is having a stressful time at the Uni..her experiments, reports, hall tutor duties and writing her thesis is really putting a toil on her.  I suggested that she go swimming..for swimming is the best workout for a tired body.  It helps her not just to cool off but also work up the body muscle. Regular swimming also builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness.  I told her that she can relax and swim with a very low effort. Let her mind wander, and focusing on nothing but the rhythm of her stroke.  This is a form of meditation that can help her gain a feeling of well-being, leaving her refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of her day.  Swimming develop life skills such as sportsmanship, time management , self discipline, goal setting and an increased sense of self worth.   I am glad that she agrees to what I have told her and she is now looking into booking a time slot for her using the Uni swimming pool.  And at the same time , I told her not to wear her bikinis when swimming at the Uni pool but to wear a full coverage swimwear.  Not that I am an old fashioned Momsie but not to draw attention to one self...times are bad.  Swimming is good for her too as she complained that she has put on weight :)

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