Friday, August 30, 2013

Konnyaku With Blended Pineapple :) Yummy!

I remembered those days I used to make  konnyaku jelly for the Sunday school kids. The kids love them and you can see they finished them real fast . Yesterday Wild Boar made them for dessert. He loves pineapple and whoa, I don't mind chewing a few of these springy jelly . He blended fresh pineapple and added to the konyaku jelly for a refreshing flavor.  I like it especially if I don't have to prepare them LOL!  Thanks WB for these addictive jelly.  When you hold the fish shaped jelly in your hand, it feels exactly like the real fish...the slippery feel :p 

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                                                     Konnyaku Mixed Fruit Jelly

 Enjoy !

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Facelift For The Porch

I am thinking of giving our porch a facelift by having an outdoor wall fountain installed.  It would be nice to hear the sound of  running water outside the house , of course not from the garden tap but from  the wall fountain :)   It will definitely soothe our souls after a hard day work in the office.  And Wild Boar is supportive of this idea. There are many types of outdoor wall fountains to choose from and I think I know which to choose.  One that will suit the side of our porch :)   Our next bonus will be spend on this outdoor wall fountain for sure.  I love the sound of running water from fountains. It gives you a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mango Lassi Popsicles

When I saw these mouthwatering and healthy popsicles on Nami's blog,  I knew I will make it for our weekend treat.  The weather is hot and humid and these are sweet delights for WB and myself :) Easy to make and it is truly refreshing !  I can have two at one go !  If you are a fan of Greek yogurt and will love this for sure.  Try making them and I am sure you will not stop eating at one !

Mango Lassi Popsicles - adapted from Nami Justonecookbook


2  mangoes
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 cup plain simple syrup ( I cup water:2 cups sugar )


1.Cut mangoes into chunks and put in the blender. Add 1 tbsp of simple syrup and puree until it turns creamy.

2.In a large measuring cup, add 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt.  Then pour the mango puree on top.

3. Add enough simple syrup to the mixture so that you have 2 cups total.

4. Pour into a large bowl and whisk it all together.

5. In a separate bowl, whisk together 2/3 cup Greek yogurt and the leftover simple syrup.

6. Now you have yogurt mixture and mango mixture.  Place both mixtures in the refrigerator for 30-60 mins until they are a little more firm ( for nice marbling )

7. Add the mixture to yur popsicle mold/cup, alternating between the mango mixture and the yogurt mixture.  Wrap each mold/cup with plastic wrap.

8. Snip the plastic wrap on top of molds with scissors and insert craft sticks into each mold/cup. Place in the freezer for 4-5 hours until firm.

9. To remoe the popsicles from the molds/cups, run under hot water until they are easily released.

Enjoy !

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PC Health Check ?

As food blogger, I uses the PC everyday and if I am not blogging , I will be surfing for new ideas to improve my cooking and baking skill.  Thus, because of this, my PC has to be in tip top condition.  I really do not like it one bit when my PC goes sluggish and uploading and downloading food articles becomes a dread.  WB suggested that we should get this PC Tune-up Software Experts from

This software has over 50 proven powerful tools and functions and is an advanced patented technology. WB says we do not need to worry . With this software, we do not need to worry anymore when the PC is giving problem for it can fix 27,000 problems and errors.  Wow, this is indeed a blessing to my blogging hobby :) Love you WB for being such a help.  With this, we have a PC tune-up software expert at home !

CoffeeSociete@ Solaris Dutamas,KL

Chilling out with Piggy Jo is always fun . She will take me to places that she knows I will be happy to be in.  Yay, the last trip when I went to visit her , she took me to CoffeeSociete @ Publika and we had Cappuccino and a slice of Red Velvet Cake for our afternoon tea.   Gosh, I love the Cappuccino served there and their Red Velvet Cake  is truly the best one I have tasted thus far . Looking at the photos , I want to go back there for their Red Velvet Cake.... hinting to my Piggy Jo ...I want another round :p

my cup of Cappuccino with a heart shape on it :)

and this is the yummilicious slice of Red Velvet Cake :)  
drools just thinking of it :p

CoffeeSociete@ Solaris Dutamas,
D4-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-6211-5523

Christmas Harvest Event

Time flies and soon the cell group will be planning the 'Christmas Harvest 2013' .  WB is keen to take charge of the sound system for the event.  We have two guitarist and I remembered last year , the sound system was not really good.  This year, WB intends to improve on the sound system by getting Engl Guitar Amplifiers for our guitarists.With this , I guess the guitar sound will be super clear .  I hope to invite as many friends as possible to this Christmas Harvest event . Be fisherman of men :) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wild Boar 's Birthday Treat From CG10 @ Tuck Kee Restaurant

We have two cell group members whose birthdays fall in the month of August. Wild Boar and Alice. So we decided to have a dinner for them and celebrating both birthdays together. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate with another sister in christ? And truly we had a wonderful time not just feasting on the delicious food but also a time of wonderful fellowship together. Building up relationship with one another and upholding each other in love. Cutting cakes together and blowing out the candles together is fun , makes you years younger...LOL! I would love that when my birthday comes.   Well, Wild Boar had a great time this year. He is a year older younger and he had 3 birthday treats this year.....(  I will post up in my next coming posts what he had for the 1st and 2nd treats :p  ) Wild Boar is truly a Wild Boar ! nom nom nom away !   This post will be on his 3rd treat. He had one a day before his birthday, 2nd one on his actual day and this 3rd one is a day after his birthday.  Lucky Boar !   Thank you CG10 for this wonderful dinner.  I will be going on oats diet for the next few weeks for mine is coming in October :p

Check out what we had at Tuck Kee Restaurant , famous for their roast duck ! on Elinluv's Tidbits Corner...
Here are their birthday cakes.....

 this cake is for Alice :)
chocolate and cheese layered cake with ladyfingers biscuits
wrapped around the cake...delicious

and this coffee latte layered cake is for Wild Boar....delicious too
there is a chocolate cup deco on the cake...nice !

Thank you CG10 for the cakes :) and thank you cell leader for
buying the cakes on our behalf  :)  The cakes are from Family Cake Shop

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Musang King

Wow....managed to get some nice durians for Piggy Josh :)  He was looking for  Musang King durians and finally afer I called Claire of Caring Is Not Only Sharing , she recommended me this old man selling by the road side along Canning Estate.  Musang King costs RM26/kilo ...we bought 2 musang king for RM80 and one D24 @ RM12 a kilo ....I have stopped eating durians 4 years ago but seeing this thick creamy durian, I could not resist and took two seeds LOL!   Temptation is great and I really need to pray....Heavenly Father, deliver me from temptation of these king fruit, Amen !

Do not be deceived by the regular look of the seed. But as you savor the pulp , you will notice the meatiness and the creaminess of each bite. For durian connoisseurs , they will immediately notice the exquisite taste as you swallow the creaminess down the throat. Therefore it was money well spent on an earlier thought of extravagance.

Happy Holidays !

Durians And Termites :)

Last weekend, WB and I visited an old friend of ours who stayed alone since his wife died a few years ago.  We had lunch together and after which we adjoined back to his house for some durians. Mmm talking about durians , it is durian season again and there are plentiful this season :) WB is a great fan of durians so you can imagine how much he ate that day :p   As we were enjoying the fruit, I noticed that Derek's stairs were given a new coat of shellac polish.  I asked him whether he had his stairs repainted with a coat of shellac .  He told us that his stairs was given termite treatment a few months ago. He realized that the wood were starting to be infested with termite and he straight away bought a 510ml can of premise foam to control termites from further destroying his timber staircase.  Premise Foam termite pest control is a non-repellent insecticide available in an instant portable application. It is a simple and unique way to deliver spot treatment of foam to control termites and ants and other wood infesting pests.  Derek was fast to act on it before the whole staircase was destroyed by these wood infesting pests. Great job Derek !