Thursday, August 8, 2013

Durians And Termites :)

Last weekend, WB and I visited an old friend of ours who stayed alone since his wife died a few years ago.  We had lunch together and after which we adjoined back to his house for some durians. Mmm talking about durians , it is durian season again and there are plentiful this season :) WB is a great fan of durians so you can imagine how much he ate that day :p   As we were enjoying the fruit, I noticed that Derek's stairs were given a new coat of shellac polish.  I asked him whether he had his stairs repainted with a coat of shellac .  He told us that his stairs was given termite treatment a few months ago. He realized that the wood were starting to be infested with termite and he straight away bought a 510ml can of premise foam to control termites from further destroying his timber staircase.  Premise Foam termite pest control is a non-repellent insecticide available in an instant portable application. It is a simple and unique way to deliver spot treatment of foam to control termites and ants and other wood infesting pests.  Derek was fast to act on it before the whole staircase was destroyed by these wood infesting pests. Great job Derek !

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