Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Red Velvet Cake - Piggy Joanna 's Masterpiece :)

My first  taste of  red velvet cake was at Coffeesociete @ Solaris Dutamas, KL and after that I knew I would one day try making my own .  I love it !  But due to my recent misfortune , I could not have my hand at making this beautiful cake. Anyway, I promised to make this once my arm is functional again :) This beautiful cake is made by Piggy Joanna when she came back last two Sundays ago.  She made this for the first time and I am surprised that she could bake well except the rose piping was amateurish ...but for a first timer, I would say it is beautiful  LOL...all momsie will say that of their daughter's masterpiece :)  The cake was very much like that one I tasted at Coffeesociete....Well done ,Dear ! The cheese frosting was a bit soft thus the roses did not stay in shape . Other than that she really did a great job.  Her very first Red Velvet Cake.  A frosting was bit sweet but it vanished fast !

I can see Jo really enjoyed piping out the roses...:)

the inside of the cake.....mmmm delicious

read on for the recipe

Vacation Bible School 2013

We are geared for the coming VBS.  Sunday school teachers and volunteers are busy preparing for this coming VBS which is held in November. I am excited for this is my first time getting  involved with this great event for the kids.  My girls are excited and all of them are looking forward to having a great time this year.  I am not the cell leaders though but just a helper :p  but WB is and I am happy that he wants to serve the Lord by being one of the cell leaders for the kids. I am sure he looks forward to spending time with the kids.  Right now the kids are preparing for their year end exam and for the sunday school teachers, they are busy with the preparation.  Our VBC supervisor and his team of musicians are preparing the sound system for the big event which is a four days event.   The musician's gear tripod desk mic stand with clip at m123  which they ordered specially for this event has arrived, and they are testing the stand to make sure it is in perfect condition  .  Our VBC supervisor is a not a last minute person.  He wants to test out all the sound system and make sure everything is in order .  Mmmm I am sure this would be a bountiful year for the sunday school ministry :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Greek Yogurt With Strawberries & Honey Toasted Almond Slices

Greek yogurt with lots of strawberries and topped it with honey toasted almond slices and sunflower seeds is a great after meal dessert but I do have them for breakfast at times when I am lazy to go out food hunting.  I am bored with noodles and chapati :p  I can snack on this the whole day through. Slurp, slurp and so healthy too ! :)

Sorry not much baking at the moment 
I am still on MC and undergoing treatment for my 'subacromial impingement'

I can only pray my Lord will see me through this pain.
Will be going for my 2nd jab this coming Friday and I hope it will be better
and surgery can be avoided.  I am not keen for the androscopy.

Health is better than wealth and I can understand this phrase better :)

*            *            *

Sunday School Teachers Get Together - BBQ Night

Last Sunday night, we had a great feast at the church concourse.  It was BBQ night for all the sunday school teachers.  It was a great fellowship with lots of bbq ribs and wings.   It was my first introduction to spandex fitted table covers.  All the tables were covered with spandex elastic table covers.  It was truly a great idea to use this beautiful eye catching, smooth, wrinkle-free spandex table covers as it adds colors to the occasion.  They have 17 colors and this can be used for any occasion. Ideal for events, banquets and convention. Great for trade shows or corporate event.  The teachers had a wonderful time eating and sharing.  Food brings people closer together and the colorful spandex elastic table covers bring a new added flair to the occasion . And the team in charge for the bbq night were pleased with the easy care - cold water wash, tumble dry and no pressing or ironing required. Everyone went home happy with the food and the easy clean up :) click for elasticized table covers if you want to know more about this amazing table cover.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Agar Agar Gula Melaka/ Palm Sugar Jelly

Another great dessert is Palm Sugar Jelly or what we local called it Aggar Agar Gula Melaka. This jelly reminds me of my childhood days whereby my grandma used to make this for us to eat.  My grandma liked to add beaten eggs  ( egg drop style ) to the jelly mixture when she made this jelly with gula melaka/palm sugar. The fine threads of eggs gives the jelly a marble look ....beautiful !  I used the heart shaped silicon molds to set the jelly....haha it looks too beautiful to be consumed but I tell you , this can be addictive...I can nom nom non stop  :)

Agar Agar Gula Melaka/Palm Sugar Jelly


1 pkt of agar agar strips - 38 gms
1550ml water
150 gms gula melaka or to desired sweetness
5 pandan ( screwpine ) leaves

*1 egg
*a pinch of salt


Using a fork, beat together the ingredients marked with an asterik (*) , and set aside

In a saucepan, bring the water (1550ml) to a boil. Fashion the pandan leaves into a simple knot, so that they are not flapping all over the place. Add the agar agar strips,  pandan leaves and gula melaka into the boiling water , stirring until the gula melaka and agar agar strips has dissolved. Boil for another 15 minutes for the pandan leaves to infuse their wonderful aroma.  Remove the pandan leaves and sieve the mixture to remove any impurities from the gula melaka and leaves.  Gently stir in the beaten eggs mixture into the hot jelly mixture ( same method as doing the egg drop soup) .

Pour the jelly mixture into individual molds or 8" X 8" X 3" tray.  Leave to cool at room temperature. When cool, keep in the fridge and serve when it is chilled and set. 

Enjoy !

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Letterhead Prints

I find that having a creative and outstanding letterhead print is very important for a small or big company.  I learn so much about branding and franchising from my son who is working as a business consultant in one branding , franchising company in Singapore.  And he is very particular about the kind of letterhead a company should have.  The logo,company name and company contact must be well designed and printed to catch the customer's attention.  It projects the company image and never think it is not important.  Never save costs on letterhead prints . Good quality letterhead prints is important as well as the professionalism of the company.  I am so glad that I can learn a thing or two from Piggy Josh.  I look forward to chatting with him for each time, he will teach me a bit about his work and from our conversations, I learned much from him.  A son when young first learn from the mother and when the son is older, the mother will learn from the son ! LOL!

Cooling Dessert For A Hot Day - 'Tau Fu Fa'

I had sudden craving for Soy Milk Custard/ Tau Fu Fa. So after church , I stopped by our favorite stall and bought back a tupper for dessert after a heavy lunch  :)  I preferred my own homemade one..somehow it taste much better but my injured arm needs rest and till then I should be happy and be contended with the bought one . I like the one with the gula melaka syrup though the ginger sweet syrup is just as good.  Different flavor all together but most important it satisfied my craving for now.

You can check out the one I made some years back

Enjoy and have a great day !

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I Learned Something New :)

The other day, I heard WB and Piggy Josh discussing on the electronic stuff and being a woman , I really know nothing about what they were talking about.  But not wanting to be left out, I joined in their conversation and guess what? I learned something new.  Josh wanted to buy a radial proav2 at musician's friend to connect onto his laptop to a console's balanced XLR inputs without noise or possible damage from phantom power. I am happy that he still consults the dad when it comes to buying stuff like this. The Radial ProAV2 is a passive direct box specifically developed with the audio-video integrator in mind and it has full two-channel stereo functionality. After looking through the specifications provided on the website, WB gave his approval and told the son that it is a good buy. Listening in, now I know what a radial proav2 is :)