Sunday, September 1, 2013

Agar Agar Gula Melaka/ Palm Sugar Jelly

Another great dessert is Palm Sugar Jelly or what we local called it Aggar Agar Gula Melaka. This jelly reminds me of my childhood days whereby my grandma used to make this for us to eat.  My grandma liked to add beaten eggs  ( egg drop style ) to the jelly mixture when she made this jelly with gula melaka/palm sugar. The fine threads of eggs gives the jelly a marble look ....beautiful !  I used the heart shaped silicon molds to set the jelly....haha it looks too beautiful to be consumed but I tell you , this can be addictive...I can nom nom non stop  :)

Agar Agar Gula Melaka/Palm Sugar Jelly


1 pkt of agar agar strips - 38 gms
1550ml water
150 gms gula melaka or to desired sweetness
5 pandan ( screwpine ) leaves

*1 egg
*a pinch of salt


Using a fork, beat together the ingredients marked with an asterik (*) , and set aside

In a saucepan, bring the water (1550ml) to a boil. Fashion the pandan leaves into a simple knot, so that they are not flapping all over the place. Add the agar agar strips,  pandan leaves and gula melaka into the boiling water , stirring until the gula melaka and agar agar strips has dissolved. Boil for another 15 minutes for the pandan leaves to infuse their wonderful aroma.  Remove the pandan leaves and sieve the mixture to remove any impurities from the gula melaka and leaves.  Gently stir in the beaten eggs mixture into the hot jelly mixture ( same method as doing the egg drop soup) .

Pour the jelly mixture into individual molds or 8" X 8" X 3" tray.  Leave to cool at room temperature. When cool, keep in the fridge and serve when it is chilled and set. 

Enjoy !

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