Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Learned Something New :)

The other day, I heard WB and Piggy Josh discussing on the electronic stuff and being a woman , I really know nothing about what they were talking about.  But not wanting to be left out, I joined in their conversation and guess what? I learned something new.  Josh wanted to buy a radial proav2 at musician's friend to connect onto his laptop to a console's balanced XLR inputs without noise or possible damage from phantom power. I am happy that he still consults the dad when it comes to buying stuff like this. The Radial ProAV2 is a passive direct box specifically developed with the audio-video integrator in mind and it has full two-channel stereo functionality. After looking through the specifications provided on the website, WB gave his approval and told the son that it is a good buy. Listening in, now I know what a radial proav2 is :)

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