Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letterhead Prints

I find that having a creative and outstanding letterhead print is very important for a small or big company.  I learn so much about branding and franchising from my son who is working as a business consultant in one branding , franchising company in Singapore.  And he is very particular about the kind of letterhead a company should have.  The logo,company name and company contact must be well designed and printed to catch the customer's attention.  It projects the company image and never think it is not important.  Never save costs on letterhead prints . Good quality letterhead prints is important as well as the professionalism of the company.  I am so glad that I can learn a thing or two from Piggy Josh.  I look forward to chatting with him for each time, he will teach me a bit about his work and from our conversations, I learned much from him.  A son when young first learn from the mother and when the son is older, the mother will learn from the son ! LOL!

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