Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

We are geared for the coming VBS.  Sunday school teachers and volunteers are busy preparing for this coming VBS which is held in November. I am excited for this is my first time getting  involved with this great event for the kids.  My girls are excited and all of them are looking forward to having a great time this year.  I am not the cell leaders though but just a helper :p  but WB is and I am happy that he wants to serve the Lord by being one of the cell leaders for the kids. I am sure he looks forward to spending time with the kids.  Right now the kids are preparing for their year end exam and for the sunday school teachers, they are busy with the preparation.  Our VBC supervisor and his team of musicians are preparing the sound system for the big event which is a four days event.   The musician's gear tripod desk mic stand with clip at m123  which they ordered specially for this event has arrived, and they are testing the stand to make sure it is in perfect condition  .  Our VBC supervisor is a not a last minute person.  He wants to test out all the sound system and make sure everything is in order .  Mmmm I am sure this would be a bountiful year for the sunday school ministry :)

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