Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Avocado Filled With Yogurt And Topped With Cinnamon Flavored Almond Slices

Greek Yogurt goes well with anything...avocado especially..mmmm yummy !  I love avocado but again I can't take too much...the dietitian told me that I can only take half each time...hahaha but as I said I am greedy, so I had two halves all to myself and leaving one half to WB :p  it was so good that I could not resist it....gone with the wind what the dietitian's advice LOL!  I chopped half a fruit mixed with greek yogurt and filled each half avocado and topped it cinnamon flavored toasted almond slices . Chilled them in the fridge and eat them for dessert...yummy !

I will be going for my ' Subacromial Decompression ' with impingement surgery next week...
wish me well and hope to see you guys soon :)

Have a great weekend and God bless all you !

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