Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Plans For The Summer Though It is Autumn Now

Well, when you see lots of pumpkin related dishes and cakes...you know that fall is in and it is time to indulge in delicious pumpkin stews and cakes :)  While the women are busy in the kitchen and the pantry, the men are busy tidying their storeroom.  My nephew and brother are busy installing racks for their surfboard storage .  They are both keen surfers and their take pride in their whole collection of surfboard.  Nephew is now planning a trip to Hawaii comes summer holiday and he is busy cleaning and keeping his surfboard in good conditions and the dad is thinking of joining him for the fun the coming summer.  Well, it guess it would be fun for my brother and family to spend the next summer holiday in Hawaii :)   I wish I could join them too but not for the time being.  I have to make sure my arm is back to mobilization before I think of going anywhere :)

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