Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Tong Sui

Love the combination of pumpkin , purple sweet potato and sago in pandan flavored syrup soup. I had this the day before I admitted myself for the operation. ( for those of you who do not know what is happening...I had an operation done last week -  'subacromial decompression with impingement ' -  now resting at home and praying for a speedy recovery )   A bowl of this sweet soup after dinner was what cheered me up knowing that I won't be able to cook anything until full recovery of the arm. Wish me speedy recovery , guys :)  I will be on MC for the next one or two months....meanwhile enjoy this post until I bounce back with good health :)  Btw typing this post with one finger....

Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Tong Sui

Ingredients :

1/2 kg Purple Sweet Potatoes - pared and cut into cubes- steamed till soft and cooked
1 segment of pumpkin - pared and cut into cubes- steamed till soft and cooked
1/4 cup sago - cook in boiling water till transparent - drain and runs over cold water

a knob of old ginger - crushed
3 blades of pandan leaves - tie into a  knot
palm sugar /castor sugar * according to your taste 

2 litres of water

Method -

When the water boils, add in the ginger, pandan leaves,  palm sugar/castor sugar...simmer till the sugar has dissolved and the pandan flavor has infused into the soup.Add in the cooked sweet potato and pumpkin and cooked sago.  Stir well and off the heat.   Serve either hot or chilled .

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