Saturday, November 2, 2013

Music Ministry Meeting

The music ministry had their year end meeting and we have come out with lots of ideas and plans for the coming year.  Enough funds was allocated for the coming year and we have great plans for next year.  First we are going to start the kids from young to play all musical instruments for worship. It is important that kids learn to worship God through music.  The music team is looking into buying kids electric guitar and line 6 spider valve hd 100 amp head to improve the sound system. This  100 amp head has tools and tones we need to build the sound from ground up. We are thankful that there were no objections from the floor that we should start with training the kids from young :)  We are also looking forward to the coming VBS this month.  Wishing all the teachers and kids a fun time together and a closer relationship with God.

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