Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change My Outlook? :)

The other day , my church friend was telling me that I should change my eyeglasses for a more younger outlook. I asked  myself , should I?  Well, WB encouraged me and say that I should get a more stylish looking frame that will make me look younger.  I got offended by his statement. As if I am looking aged now :p  Just kidding, I valued his opinion and thought that I should listen to him and get myself one stylish looking frame so that I will look younger .  Yea, I should look around for a pair of nice looking one and Jo sent me a link to this site whereby we can ordered online for the whole family and save some money. I have to gather all the family members and make them change their eyeglasses too.  Yea, I think I will have to convince all of them!

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