Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crunchy Cornflakes Bites

A colleague brought these irresistible bites to the office for us and knowing us, thick skin women, we pestered her untill she gave us the recipe..haha how horrible it was now thinking back (“,) She told us that she got it from the internet :) and here is the recipe for this simple to make bites.

I prefer to munch on this crunchy delicious oats and cornflakes bites then some junks food with msg. I hope this will mark the exodus of Twisties and Chipsters  and other msg junks (“,)  WB likes junk food and I would prefer he takes on these crunchy bites. This is healthy snack and easy to make not to mention it is crunchy and has a nice light fragrant of honey and golden syrup..hmmm a keeper for sure. These are great for the coming Christmas...children and adults will surely love these :)

Crunchy Oats & Cornflakes Bites


250 gm butter
1 cup castor sugar ** I used 1/2 cup
3 cups oat
350 gm cornflakes (crushed )
2 tbsp honey
2tbsp golden syrup


Beat the butter and castor sugar together till creamy. Add in the honey and golden syrup and stir it till well mixed. Add in the oats and lastly the cornflakes. Scoop into small paper cups and baked at 160ยบ C for 20 minutes till golden brown. Keep in air tight container when it is completely cool.

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  1. I love to munch on these too. What oats did you use? Does Quaker Oats work?