Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mike's Place - Green Deal Scheme

There is a new place in town , a cafe serving chapatis and delicious dhal and chicken curries and many mouth watering delectable dishes.  WB and I were invited to dinner to try out this new place last Tuesday.  The food served is really delicious and I will definitely take my Piggies there when they are back.  While we were there, we met Ben from UK. He came back for a short break from work and this Mike's Place is owned by his brother Mike. No wonder the cafe is named Mike's Place :)

Had a great chat with Ben and one of the topics that pop out was that the UK government is giving Green Deal Scheme to all house owners and business owners in UK.  He had signed up for the Green Deal Scheme and he is happy that through this scheme , he is able to save money on energy and help the environment. The government grants for solar makes it easy and affordable to improve the energy efficiency on one's home and business premise. And because the Green Deal stays with the property, rather than the owner, the owner will only pay back the cost of improvements while he is enjoying the benefits of reduced energy costs.  If he moves, the new owners will take on the payments. I think this is a great Green Deal the UK government is giving. This Green Deal covers improvements like home insulation, heating, double glazing, and even solar panels and wind turbines.

After hearing this from Ben, I would like to share this piece of news with my friends and readers who are staying in UK and have not heard of this Green Deal Scheme. You can check it out and see if this scheme will benefits you :)

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