Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dog Door For Our Charco :p

Our pet dog Charco is not a guard dog. Though he is such a huge giant, we allowed him to stay indoor with us.  Strange right?  Since our kids have left our nest for further studies and job opportunity in other States...we have no choice but to fill in the emptiness with this huge dog.  He became our kid in the house :) He knows us a Mommy and Daddy.  Whenever WB says " go mommy there" he will run to me and lick me....ahhh he is such an adorable creature who we called our " four legged son ". WB was looking through some websites on patio pet doors because he thought of making a door for Charco to go in and out as he wishes.  But looking at Charco's size, a door that is big enough for him to go through will be big enough for the robbers to enter our house ! LOL!  Thus we cannot have the pet door made for him unless later we have a smaller pet dog at home.

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